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Unlock Your Fintech Potential with Seamless Integration

Powering Your Business to Sell Financial Products effortlessly. Add Credit Products to your product basket through our API stack

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Why EasyCardsLoan?

Integrate with EasyCardsLoans and start selling in just 2 days

Integrate and go live in just 2 days:

Easy to integrate whitelabel Solution

• Empowers intermediaries to sell personal finance products effectively
• Financial Product Distributors with agent networks can use our APIs to integrate with internal web and app sales platforms
Real-time, all-time

Real-time Integration

• Deep integration with all leading banks in India for sourcing credit card and personal loans
• Provides real-time update and seamless digital application submission
Integrate and go live in just 2 days:

Proprietary Recommendation Engine

  • Credit Bureau-based Recommendation Engine enabling Best Match with consumer needs
  • Better conversions and fraud detection
Real-time, all-time

Ready to Use CRM

  • CRM is designed for handling Credit card and personal loans for your team
  • Dedicated Portal for operations & customer servicing with a bird’s eye view across leads, applications, issuances, and report downloads
Integrate and go live in just 2 days:

Transparent & Efficient Updates

  • Transparency in the process to your agents and customers by providing status updates on their applications and reason for non-eligible products

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